Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions in the sport of Arm-Wrestling.


What muscle groups are involved in Arm-Wrestling and which are the most important?

This is what I feel to be the ranking of muscle groups for Arm Wrestling. (I include tendons in this group as this is the major attribute in this sport)
1. Hand & Fingers
2. Wrist 
(These must be equally strong in order for them to be in the top 2)
3. Forearm
4. Shoulder
5. Bicep
6. Back 
7. Triceps
8. Chest
9. Abs 

Is there only one way to Arm-Wrestle?

No. There are actually three or four different ways to pull. 
Basic Format from Pulling John the Movie
1. Top Roll - (Pretend holding a glass of water in your right hand, without moving your elbow, pour that water into your left shirt pocket. This is the basic movement for a Top Roll)
2. Hook - The most recognized in Arm-Wrestling, by turning your hand inwards with your opponent so your palm is facing you.
3. Press - When you press with the lower part of your palm and leaving your fingers behind.

Is Arm-Wrestling Safe?

Just like all other sports, there is always risk involved. There is less of a chance to be injured at work than at the Arm-Wrestling table. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to do in Arm-Wrestling is to LOOK at your hand at ALL times...
I stress this because it is a proven fact that you greatly reduce the risk of breaking your arm (i.e. in the most common spot) if you are looking at your hand. I don’t want to scare anyone off from pulling because it is the best sport I know of but every great sport has a danger in it.
So always look at your hand. It will actually help you win more matches because when you look at your hand, you concentrate on how it is moving whether your fingers could move a little bit to gain an advantage or if your wrist is down.

Are there any rules in Arm-Wrestling?

Yes. Here are the current World Arm-Wrestling Federation Rules including all of the associated weight classes
WAF Rules

Is Arm-Wrestling mainly forearm strength?

No. But it does have a great deal of importance in the match on the style you pull.
The elbow is the key component in the lever of the arm. Therefore, I split the forearm into 4 parts:
1. Lower (area around the elbow)
2. Upper (area just below the wrist)
3. Brachialis
4. Area just above the Brach (centre of arm from wrist to elbow)
Each are used differently corresponding to the style of pulling....
1. Is used primarily for Side pressure
2. Is used for a Hook position
3. Is used for Top-roll position
4. Is used for a Pressing position

Is it more Technique or Strength

Beginning of your training its - Strength > Technique.
Middle of your training - Technique > Strength
Peak of your training - Technique = Strength

What should I do to start my match?

The first thing to do when you start is to keep your hand 1 fist distance from your shoulder at all times, whether your winning or losing, it will look like your pivoting your body. This is where your most strong.
The 2nd thing you should do is when you grip your opponents hand, place your index finger on top of your thumb instead of below it, this helps with your grip. Now, look at your hand from the side when you are gripped up, make sure your knuckles are facing the ceiling; this will straighten your wrist out by doing this. Just remember to keep everything tight and pull towards you.
One of the biggest mistakes new people make is that they push their opponents arm to try and win. Arm Wrestling is all pulling, once you start to feel yourself pushing, you’re doing it wrong.



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